Photo Albums, Books and Frames

You've probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a whole photo album. Even though the digital camera has replaced the 35mm camera, primarily because it can hold more data, there is still a need to record life's moments and present them in a photo album. Facebook and other social sites that allow you to share photos with family and friends are great but having the tangible book in hand is what matters most. Its something the whole family can enjoy because each person has a memory attached to a photograph. It's also a great way to chronicle your life in pictures. 

Photo AlbumsIf you have a child that has grown up playing sports or is involved with school activities a brag book is a great way to show their progress. Parents are always snapping pictures of important moments and even professional photographers can help out with that perfect shot of your teenage graduating. Take all the photos you have and start putting them in date order or by activity, pretty soon you will have plenty of pictures to show the growth of your child. They might have forgotten about certain events and having a brag book to present to them is a wonderful gift. It helps them to know that mom and dad are proud of them and they should be as well. 

Many people like to frame pictures and hang them on the wall. If you've got a large photo frame and some pictures that are just sitting in a box you can make a collage and hang that on the wall too. The wonderful thing about pictures hanging on the wall is that they don't age, the people around them do and its fun to watch kids grow up and change into adults. Picture frames have come a long way and you can find themed ones that celebrate weddings, anniversaries, graduations and just about any event that is significant, there is probably a frame geared towards it. Some photo frames can even be personalized with your name and date to mark the event. Digital photo frames have become the new way to have hundreds of pictures within one frame. This is a great gift for grandparents; you can even record messages with some of them. 

Photographic images capture us in time; they can be in color or black and white, depending on when they were taken. You can even make black and white prints with digital cameras. There is nothing like getting a shoebox full of pictures out of the closet and going through them, its best to have the whole family around so everybody can be transported back to a time when the photo was taken. You might even hear some stories about the photographic images that you never knew. If you have older photos you can have them reprinted so they will be updated with newer photo paper and will last even longer. Placing them into photo albums is a great way to keep them from getting lost or damaging them. It's also a fun way to record your life and show a history so you can recount it later on for your family.

Christmas goes hand in hand with gifts. Gifts for children are easier to select. They are generally confined to toys and chocolate boxes, apart from a few clothes, or even bicycles. But when it comes to giving gifts to friends, and relatives, who are dear and yet not exactly part of close family, the choices narrow down to objects like photo albums, photo frames, brag books, and photographic images. These objects are also ideal for wedding gifts, housewarming ceremony gifts, anniversary gifts, return gifts, thanksgiving gifts and even gifts for the first time parents. 

Traditionally, ornate photo frames that hold the image of loved ones have always been displayed in drawing rooms, and foyers. The quaint yet pretty objects are often made of silver, brass, or other metals. However, they are expensive. They also need to be maintained, as they loose their shine. There are several liquids available in the market for polishing brass and silver. There are wooden photo frames as well. More modern materials like cheaper alloys, and plastics have over the years, replaced these traditional materials. However, these models have same designs so it does not really look odd in that place, after all, it serves the purpose. Obviously, these plastic and alloy photo frames are cheaper. There is very little maintenance involved, as these can be discarded without any qualms if they no longer fit the decor, or look outdated. Business enterprises use such pieces as complimentary gifts for New Year, and Christmas. A more contemporary gift would be the digital photo frame. They are expensive, but simple and sleek. These can hold the pictures of children, or other family members. There are some that have breathtakingly beautiful photographs of flowers or landscapes that bring beauty to the room. The overall effect is lively in these digital pictures. In fact, the traditional tabletop photo frame models are more private, while these are decorative in nature, with a bold statement to make. These modern photo frames are available in various sizes. Since they are expensive, most people opt for smaller digital tabletop photo frame models, even for gifts. But taking a photographic images and putting them on wall would again make the room look stylish. In fact, the decor of the home can be changed quite frequently with these images. 

Photo albums are normally used to capture some moments, be it a wedding, or birthday celebrations, or visit to some other place. They also serve as a way to keep a guest occupied in the drawing room while the family members attend to their chores. This is the reason they too need to be presentable. Traditional photo albums were books that had some thick black papers on which the photograph with affixed at the four corners. The black backgrounds made the photograph look all the more striking. A transparent butter sheet like paper in between the two sheets of black paper ensured that the photographs did not get stuck. These black papers gave way to white background, when colored pictures became the norm. The photo albums that held colored pictures had transparent plastic pouch like design, in which pictures, cut in a standard size, could be inserted. In modern times, hardly anybody uses the non-digital mode for keeping photographs. These photographs are taken through digital camera, and downloaded with the help of software program that comes along with the camera. These can be stored in the computer hard disk and several copies of these can be transported over the email, or through pen drives. They can also be shared with others over the net, and others can add their remarks as well. Unlike the colored and black and white photographs, these photographs are very easy to take and store, and they don't cost a thing. Digital cameras are available at very competitive prices, and the number of photo albums that hard disks can store is phenomenal. Such albums, however, are difficult to gift. They can only be developed and built for the pleasure of immediate family and friends. However, there are several software programs that allow the user to select photo album frames, for example Corel Photo Album Frame. These can be given as gifts, as can the digital cameras. 

Different types of brag books recording achievement of a child would be just the thing any grandma can present to her daughter or daughter-in-law. Likewise, these may be given to first time parents. People who prefer to give personalized gifts can make one using a folder wherein new additions are easy to make. Since, these too remain in the drawing room, and can keep the guest engaged in the drawing room while waiting for family members, these too need to be attractive to look and hold. Several types of brag books are available in the market, suiting different budgets and purposes. Jobseekers also use brag books to substantiate their achievements and suitability for any job that is on offer. Obviously this is a different category of brag books, and such brag books do not qualify as gifts, though there is nothing wrong in gifting such brag books as well.

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